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Singer | Song Writer


Born on January 20, 1988, in Cleveland, Ohio, De’Andre “Dre” Walton first captured the public's eye as lead vocalist of the R&B group DeSizhun. DeSizhun’s smash single It’s On You topped the European charts in 2007 and the video currently has over 140,000 views on YouTube. After serving two U.S. Army tours in Iraq, Dre left DeSizhun to follow his dream as a solo artist. His first single Missing You generated so much attention in Cleveland that he was soon the most sought after vocalist in the city. His features include Ray Jr., Pooh Gutta, Microwave Red and a slew of other artist. Dre also wrote the lead single Façade to Philly Weeden’s hit stage play “God's Gift to Women” and later wrote Let Me In and co-wrote Do Better for Weeden’s independent film "If You Knew Better, You'd Do Better." Dre Walton is not your average singer. His vocals and lyrics are reminiscent of authentic R&B! He writes all of his music and his influences include Michael Jackson, Tank, and Tyrese.

Upcoming Projects

After years of anticipation, Dre Walton is finally giving the world what they’ve been waiting for...Negligee! Negligee is Dre’s first studio project and it is a guaranteed classic. The album, whose release date coincides with Valentine’s Day, is a much different sound from the “Dre” the world first met in 2007. Though each track is still full of ingenuity, Negligee emphasizes the maturation of Dre Walton as an artist. Every track on Negligee is a “baby maker!” The lyrics are relatable, the production is soothing and Dre sings each cord like it’s his last. When asked about his next step in music Dre Walton responded, “I just want to do my part in bringing real R&B back to the forefront.” Dre Walton is the breath of fresh air that R&B has been waiting on. There isn’t another artist like him… Period!